Top 4 Things to Do in Blue Ridge, North Carolina With Kids

Top 4 Things to Do in Blue Ridge, North Carolina With Kids

Western North Carolina has a lot to offer in terms of beauty and joyous experiences, and you are only a flight away from taking a trip through the magnificent landscapes. The sinuous roads and the meadows aren’t as crowded as the other tourist spots. Small towns such as Little Switzerland and Brevard are the parts of this town, all set to provide you with some memorable moments with your family. The Blue Ridge Mountains encompass many natural wonders along the way, and the kids will surely enjoy everything about this trip. Families are bound to have a great time at this destination as they can traverse through the massive lands of tranquillity. Exploring the countryside with your loved ones can include many other interesting activities as well. Here are the top things you can do in Blue Ridge.

Drive Through the Blue Ridge Parkway

1.      Drive Through the Blue Ridge Parkway

The Linn Cove Viaduct is the most attractive spot in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It seems like the whole structure is suspended in the air when you drive through the ridge to Virginia. Hop into your car and take your family across the viaduct to canoe on the Price Lake or stroll through the Julian Price Memorial Park. The best place to take a break is Little Switzerland, where you can also view the Grassy Creek Waterfall Trail. Every trip to North Carolina should end by shopping at Craggy Gardens and watching the sunset over the Black Mountain Range.

2.      Helicopter Tours

Not many people might be fond of flying in the air and looking down at the land and waters beneath them. But if your kids love the experience of being in the heights, a helicopter tour Across the Blue Ridge Mountains will take you and your family for an unforgettable journey. The bird’s eye view of the landmarks and the local attractions will enhance the whole experience. Based on the tour you purchase, the time and duration of the trip will differ. Take your young kids for the seven-minute ride, and get your teens in the sly for the 15 or 30-minute ride.

Get the Gems at Emerald Village

3.      Get the Gems at Emerald Village

Grab some buckets from the store and head to the Emerald Village to pick the gems from the mine. Up to 25 varieties of gems can be found in the mine, and they might include sapphire, garnet, ruby, and amethyst. The Museum of North Carolina Minerals and Discovery Mill building are the two places you must stop at and visit before heading back home.

4.      Asheville Ghost Tour

Who wouldn’t love to be a Ghost Hunter? It only gets better when you have your kids tugging at your clothes in fear. They will love the experience because they get to hunt for ghosts with you and become more fearless over time. You will be taken through the downtown area by the organizers of the Asheville’s Spirits Ghost Tour. The guide will take you down the memory lane to the stories about haunted mansions and other incidents. Everything has been set so brilliantly that you will surely feel like the spirits are walking beside you.